Als jüngerer Zwilling ganze 5 Minuten hinterher, aber ebenso am 6.4.1982 in Singen am Hohentwiel geboren. Hat nach dem Abitur ein Jahr in Australien verbracht, anschließend Mediendesign in Köln studiert und in Berlin als Web- und App-Konzeptioner gearbeitet. 2015 schloss er den Studiengang »Human Factors« an der TU Berlin ab.

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Viktoria Sudmeyer - 17. September 2019 Reply

I really like your talk and am impressed by it! It is deeply inspiring and to me very much needed in today’s society. You tell us all to be bold, move outside of our comfort zone, not being afraid to stumble and fall, to doubt one’s self, but to risk and profit from every rich experience. I myself will take it as a reminder to go out of my usual way again, to just go for it and try a new, dangerously different path again. Thank you for this and please, keep on doing what you’re doing, I hope you’ll never get tired of inventing new, incredible things, never stop to push yourself to some limits! Best from good old Trier – Viktoria

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